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Starts on

December 2021


minimum of 3 years

Program Fees


Participant profile

This degree is ideal for students who desire to graduate with a clear understanding and awareness of the most up-to-date scholarly research, as well as a solid professional network to support them in their career after the ELGS.

A modern program of the highest academic standard

Key benefits


Academic Requirements

Language requirements

All taught elements of the program will be conducted in the English language. As a result, students originating from non-English speaking countries must evidence their level of English language skills in accordance with the following:

  • TOEFL Internet based, Score of 90 or above
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency, Grade B or above
  • Any other internationally recognized test with equivalent marks
  • Students intending to conduct their research in a language other than English must demonstrate their level of the relevant language skills.

Full-time residency is not a requirement for this degree, but students may be required to attend several training sessions throughout the program. 

The first training session will introduce students to advanced research methods, while consecutive sessions focus on tutoring and teaching skills. Students are also expected to attend classes, seminars, and lectures, as designated by their supervisors, and to be actively involved in presenting their research findings at conferences throughout Europe and the greater world. 

Upon completion of the program students will deliver an up to 100,000 word thesis. Successful applicants will be assigned a supervisor, based upon their academic interests, from the renowned International Faculty Network of the ELGS.

Program Structure


First year

Students admitted as Probationary Research Students (PRS) attend a 2-week orientation program (25 hours of classes in research methods, statistical methods, presentation preparation, public speaking).

  • They will be assigned a supervisor and devise work program.
  • Will attend classes and conferences as determined by supervisor.
  • Meet with supervisor
    Qualifying Test (10,000 word paper on research proposal, Title, Draft Outline).


Second year

Successful students from 1styear progress from PRS to PhD status:

  • Attend a 2-day training on ‘How to be a tutor’ (optional)
  • Assist in undergraduate and postgraduate tutorials of the ELGS (for resident students)
  • Attend classes and conferences as determined by supervisor
  • Attend PhD Conference (Year 2 or 3)
  • PhD Students submit confirmation Test


Third year
  • Tutorship
  • Attend classes and conferences as determined by supervisor
  • Attend PhD Conference (Year 2 or 3)
  • Students granted leave to supplicate
  • Delivery of Thesis

Tuition fee

Limited number of scholarships available

  1. Application fee of 50
  2. Tuition fee per year for full time students 15,180€ per year
  3. Accommodation fees as per availability and request

All students must be able to provide evidence of sufficient funding to cover the cost of their tuition fees throughout the duration of the program. If you have obtained funding from an outside source, please indicate this in your application. Please note that there are a limited number of scholarships available each year, which are select based upon merit. In the event that you are interested in being considered for a scholarship, please submit a scholarship request in the amount of 400-600 words.


To apply for a program, students must first review the application form and its requirements to ensure the collection of appropriate material. By the time they have gathered all documentation they should proceed with payment of the onetime application fee either at the relevant online portal or at via a bank transfer. 

Students should always add their surname, initial letter of their first name and Degree title in the deposit description. They can then proceed with their application which can only be conducted online and submit it along with the supporting documentation, listed below.

All support documents must be in electronic format and uploaded to be sent with the application, except for the reference letters, which should be emailed directly from Referees to PhD admissions at

Students may be invited to be interviewed. Link to the application process here.

At a glance, the application must include:


We are currently accepting applications for Session 2021/2022 and the process will remain open until June 30. The Research Skills taught program will take place on December, 2021. Exact dates to be announced.

Recognition of Degrees of the ELGS/EPLO

Art. 76 of Law 4310/2014 par. 8 (amending Art. 4 of Law 3328/2005), states that higher education degrees issued by International Organizations to which the Greek Republic is a party are equivalent to the degrees delivered by the Greek public higher education institutions.

The degree programs offered by the ELGS are acknowledged by the network of Universities that have signed agreements with the ELGS.

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